A travel agent in Kendal said that 'everything is running as normal' for customers going on holiday. 

This is in response to national news of travel delays at Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham Airports. 

Gates Travel in Kendal said that they would keep the customers updated on events as they happened.

"We just don't know. The delays could be down to anything such as staffing issues," said a spokesman.

Airlines such as Tui and Easyjet have cancelled dozens of flights over the half-term holiday. The industry has struggled to recruit and train new staff quick enough to meet the demand of the first post pandemic summer.

Glasgow Airport has told passengers not to arrive early even with reports of the security queue being extremely busy. 

Manchester Airport had to apologise yesterday for the inconvenience caused to passengers. There were queues of nearly three hours to check-in, and luggage was lost. 

Airline Tui apologied to customers over flight and baggage delays. They said this was due to a "sudden increase" in visitor numbers combined with "operational and supply chain issues."