Who is the hero from the past that you most admire?

You may read every biography about them, but you can never have a relationship with them.

They are long since dead and gone, and even if you try to talk to them in your head, you know it’s only imaginary.

But there is one exception. Around the world, millions talk every day to a person from centuries ago.

They claim to experience his love - indeed many will say it’s a quality of love they find nowhere else.

And when you look at them you may see an unusual joyfulness.

His name is Jesus.

He has not been seen bodily on this planet for nearly 2000 years.

Despite his brutal execution his dead body was never found and his friends subsequently met him often until he left this earth to return to his Father.

He told them to wait just a few days, and then he’d be back in a different form - the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost is when Jesus came back in the form of his Spirit to dwell within each of his friends, and he has continued to come ever since.

I remember when he came to me as I was driving to work one day, feeling utterly depressed and helpless.

I can never forget the sense of love and joy that poured over me in cascades. My life has never been the same since.

And astonishingly, he said that God his Father would give the Holy Spirit to everyone who asked him.

Rev. David Parsons

St Thomas Church