PERSONALITIES clashed as two new boys entered the Love Island villa on Wednesday night.

Remi Lambert introduced himself to the group as a model and rapper. And eyeing up new arrival Jay Younger, Cumbrian Jacques O’Neill said: “What do you do then big boy?”

Jay told the 23-year-old that he works in finance as an investment analyst, and when finding out Jacques, a former Dowdales School pupil, is a rugby player, he responded: “You’re a bit small for a rugby player.”

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Unimpressed with the comment, Jacques, from Barrow, warned Jay: ‘if you properly run at me, I’ll flatten you lad.”

The drama excited fellow islanders, with one likening it to a fight to be alpha male.

Islander Indiyah said: “You can’t deny the bombshells (Jay and Remi) are good looking. Of course they’re all gonna be a bit shaky.

“I feel like, even getting to know the boys, with Jacques and Jay, I saw a bit of you know, tiff, a little bit of alpha male going on there.”

Later in the evening, Jay pulled Paige, who is coupled up with Jacques, for a chat.

When Paige joked that him and Jacques got off to a rocky start, Jay said he thought Jacques was mad at him for some reason.

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Paige said: “We’ve just been getting to know each other, been having chats and stuff but as you can see, he’s quite a cheeky… cheeky lad. And just wants to erm, stir the pot sometimes, he loves it.”

When asked if she’s open to getting to know anyone else, she said: “We get on and we have good chat, like, I’m not disputing that, but obviously I’ve only shared a bed with him for one night.

“We literally got coupled yesterday. We’re both still very much, like, said from day one, other people are gonna come in that will still be like your type, so you’d be silly not to get to know everyone.”

Elsewhere in the villa, Jacques had a chat with ex-girlfriend and daughter of footballing star Michael Owen, Gemma.

The pair have been split up for over a year and came face-to-face for the first at the Love Island villa.

Luca, who is in a couple with Gemma, said the situation was ‘weird’.

He said: “It is so weird, like honestly, I get on with him as well. So, like I don’t even want him to go home but I want him to go home.”