SUPERMARKET Booths have announced the launch of a new mentorship and support programme to help aspiring food and drink businesses.

Booths are set to invest via mentorship, product and retail expertise, market access and targeted funding to help an emerging food or drinks brand to achieve the next stage of their growth plans.

In celebration of 175 years of Booths and the spirit of the first E.H. Booth, The Booths Accelerator will offer a tailored programme of support to help grow, develop and sustain a food & drinks business of the future.  

Booths Managing Director Nigel Murray says, “Getting a new product to market or an idea into production is a challenge, just as it was in 1847 when Booths began. 81% of food and drink start-ups don’t feel they get enough support from the industry.

"This initiative is set to change that, it’s our way of giving back, by sharing our insights, experience, and tactical investment to help the next generation of food businesses.

“Our suppliers, farmers and producers making great products are the key ingredients to the success of Booths. The original EH Booth’s desire to sell the very best goods he could find, still drives our business.  We value the people and businesses who make exceptional food and drink and this initiative is to help nurture the food entrepreneurs of the future.”

The Booths Accelerator will be announced on Monday, June 27 at Fine Food North in Harrogate, a showcase of over 150 of the finest food and drink producers across the UK.