The Westmorland branch of the RSPCA will help with the cost of neutering the rabbits of people on benefits.

They are starting this scheme next week during Rabbit Awareness Week. 

The branch said that they were receiving more rabbits to be rehomed then they could take. 

They said that local animal rescue centres such as Estuary Small Animal Rescue in Grange are receiving over 50 rabbits to be rehomed. 

The RSPCA said that the reason this was happening was because people got rabbits over lockdown without realising the expense that is required to keep one. 

Christine Lowe, branch manager for RSPCA Westmorland said: "They have got so many looking to be rehomed. 

"The requirement to properly look after rabbits is to have bigger hutches than the cheapest ones that pet shops normally provide.

"It is just under two hundred pounds to neuter a rabbit because of the cost of the anaesthetic.

"However if you can prove that you're a benefits recipient, we will cover the cost of neutering a female rabbit up to £46 and for a male rabbit £12." 

The budget that the branch has will extend to twenty rabbits. After that, more money will need to be approved by the trustees to continue the scheme.