A POPULAR event organiser has described the 'emotional' feeling he gets when he looks back at this year's latest success.

Dave Crossley, who organises Ulverston's Another Fine Festival, which took place at the weekend, said the 'love and community' overwhelmed him.

He thanked those who helped organise the event, from friends to event organisers and said he thinks this year's festival was the best one yet.

He said: "When I say it was emotional, I mean it with every inch of me.

"It was all about the love and community. And it really was the very best one yet.

"I've been feeling the love more than I've ever felt it before and it's bringing several tears to my eye. Proper sad that it's all over but my heart is so so full."

Mr Crossley has been organising the event since 2014 - apart from a break during the pandemic - but said that this is the first time he has been able to actually enjoy the festival.

He said: "On a selfish note, believe it or not - and possibly shamefully - it was the first time I properly, fully enjoyed the actual weekend.

"I am generally a mad ball of stress from start to finish.

For months in advance, he focusses on fundraising, logistics, booking acts and artists and promoting the event.

But he said a thought occured to him: Why do all this is he can noy enjoy the product?

The key, he says, is to place faith more than ever in his team.

"Placing my faith utterly in my wonderful team was the real key to being able to step back a little and enjoy the fruits of many months of festival grind.

"A hundred million thank-yous to each and every one of you. What an absolute bunch of stars and fine friends I am blessed with, that I am so fortunate to be able to work with, and without whom I could not translate this life long dream into reality.

"To see the town where I was born, and the town that I adore, come together as one to celebrate in unity, pulsate with inspirational creativity and also behave in completely ridiculous ways really is the one."