Kendal’s Diddy League team gathered together at Workington to take part in the ‘A’ Final of the County’s Competition for 9 to 11 year old swimmers.

Following their successful results from Rounds 1 and 2 they found themselves League leaders with a fight on their hands against strong opposition from Cockermouth, Carlisle, Carnforth and Barrow.

The girls 6 x 25m Freestyle Relay team got the Club off to a fine start by combining brilliantly with aggressive swimming and takeovers which gave them 2nd place.

The boy’s team forged ahead and in a storming finish they out paced Carlisle for their first win. From then on through the first quarter they kept up the pace taking a number of 2nd and 3rd places and gaining enough points to keep Cockermouth and Carnforth at bay. In the next quarter things took a plunge for Kendal and although the 9yr old Boys performed magnificently to gain maximum points and other fine swims kept Kendal in the mix.

However this was Carnforth’s moment as they surged forward into the lead with 67 points and Cockermouth now in 2nd place with 63 points and leaving Kendal to work hard in the chase with 62 points.

Despite the setbacks the Kendal swimmer came into the 3rd quarter and showed that ‘never give in’ quality that has so often proved their greatest asset and so with superb performances they began to pull things around and although they didn’t have a winner they scored enough precious points to pull Cockermouth back with an equal score of 93 points and reduce Carnforth’s lead to 95 points.

The 4th and final session built up the pressure and every race proved a classic with the swimmers all urging each other on and looking for that vital win.

deep into their reserves Kendal proved to have some real up and coming stars and the boy’s 11yr old 4 x 25 Medley Relay team combined their skills and forged ahead to take a brilliant win.

Two more outstanding efforts brought success and maximum points for the Club with the 9yr old Boys and Girls winning at freestyle.

Right to the final event and injecting more pace Kendal timed their finishes to perfection and literally stole the Gala, storming through to become League Champions and winners of the Hoad Trophy with 125 points, leaving Cockermouth runners up and Carnforth falling away into 3rd place.

Kendal also won the Karen Bowes Trophy as the team with most points after Rounds 1 and 2. of the Competition.