KENDAL's Crown Green Bowling is restarting its Saturday morning taster sessions.

Held at the Subscription Bowling Club, the club is welcoming members of the public to come and try their hand at the game on the weekends.

The Club, which is located on Serpentine Road, are providing free sessions for anyone who would like to try Crown Green Bowling.

All levels of abilities are welcome for these free sessions which take place every Saturday morning between 10am and 12 noon.

Subscription Bowling Club who were first formed in 1870, currently have six teams, where three compete in The Kendal & District Bowling League, while they have three teams who play in the South Westmorland Senior Bowling League.

On top of their involvement in both league competitions the club have got two teams who recently played in the Knockout cup.

However the Club also host six bowling tournaments with their most recent being The David Tebay Cup.

For anyone who would like to have a go at the Saturday morning sessions bring flat shoes and just turn up to the club on Saturday morning, while all bowling equipment is already provided. For further details email: or check out: