The chief executive for an accountacy firm has said that people should look for a pay-rise as inflation hits Cumbria. 

Graham Lamont, the chief executive from Lamont Pridmore said: "There is almost as many people looking for jobs as there are vacancies. 

"Ask employers when there will be the next payment rise. They want to retain people in the firm rather than look for other workers."

He also said that people should approach their banks if they are struggling with mortgage repayments: "Try to cut down with loan repayments. The banks are currently receptive to asking for a holiday or asking to extend the mortgage.

"It will significantly reduce the amount of payments going out of your bank account."

The Office for National Statistics announced today that inflation hit 9.1 per cent in the 12 months to May from 9 per cent in April. 

This has been driven by higher food prices such as bread, cereal and meat. Food banks in Barrow have seen a 42 per cent increase in people using the service this year.

However, the chief secretary to the Treasury Simon Clarke said that the Government were not looking at increasing pay for public-sector workers. 

Mr. Lamont said: "Fuel is getting to £2 a week now, so travelling is a major blow. It's easier for people on fixed term energy contracts, but that's not the same for everyone."

For people that are struggling with their bills, Mr. Lamont had this advice: "Many people do not realise how much they spend on items. 

"Start an Excel spreadsheet with all the outgoings you go through. You should do a montly or two to three monthly review to get a full idea of outgoings-you can think 'we're £50/60 a month short.' 

"You can keep spending on items you genuniely want rather than having to suddenly cut all unncessary expenditures."

For people that are retired, Mr. Lamont said it even more important to budget: "Particularly with inflation once it starts eating away it makes a significant impact on people who are on a fixed income."