AN Over Kellet man has launched his own home car wash business and received his first customer this week.

Neil Corrigan, who is a managing director of Creative Lakes in Kendal and has now begun his own car washing service 'Detailed Driven'. 

After receiving business from his first customer earlier this week, Neil is looking forward to welcoming others in the area to take advantage of this new service.

What began as a hobby and a appreciation for cars has motivated Neil to use his home in Over Kellet as his base of operation.

He said: “This is a new business idea. It’s part time but I’ve always wanted to do something like this.

“I had my first customer this week, and before that I’d always done things for the cars of friends and family members. I’ve always loved cars, and this is a good hobby business.

“I’ve been doing courses on machine polish and de-contamination so I’m looking to expand the service in the future.”

Neil was born in Accrington and lived in Kendal for fourteen years before moving to Over Kellet.

He added: “This is outside of my main job, where I run a market agency called Creative Lakes.

“I graduated in 1996 with a marketing degree and did a year of computer science and coding, so I was well placed for the boom.

“I’ve also worked in London as a consultant, worked in IT, and became a driving instructor.

“We’ve just ordered some leaflets with our name and details on so hopefully we can get some more people coming to use us.”