A LANDSCAPE conservation charity has expressed its opposition to proposals to create an 'adventure tourism experience' in the Lake District.

Friends of the Lake District (FoLD) has voiced concerns about a rise in traffic at Elterwater Quarry and the anticipated changed appearance of the site. 

Burlington Stone says it wants to set up an 'immersive', educational attraction at the quarry. 

People would move around the site via high ropes and a 'cavern toboggan' - formerly referred to as a 'cavern coaster' - ride.

'Vantage points' would enable others to watch on and learn more about the history of the quarry and the slate industry. 

But Lorayne Wall, FoLD planning officer, said the proposal had 'reignited' fears about 'the national park being turned into a theme park'.

"We must therefore act again to ensure the Lake District is treated in line with the Sandford Principle which requires that, when there is conflict between conservation and public enjoyment in national parks, then conservation should take priority," she said.

Ms Wall expressed concerns about a 'huge rise in private cars and, potentially, coaches' passing through the village of Elterwater to reach the quarry.

"Local businesses in the valley already have to bring in staff from distant towns due to a lack of a local workforce, so this would add further to the traffic generated by the development," she said.

“We are also concerned about the impact on the landscape character and tranquillity of the area as a result of traffic increases and the nature and level of the activity, not to mention the impact on views from the surrounding fells."

An online petition set up by a group called Zip Off Langdale in opposition to the plans has received more than 30,000 signatures.

A spokesman for Holker Group, which owns Burlington Stone, said on a previous occasion that the attraction would be informative and 'bring out the history of the Lake District stone-quarry industry' and 'how slate has influenced the vernacular' of the national park.

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"We are keen to educate people with the history of this business that we have been in for over 200 years," he said.

A planning application for the quarry is currently being developed.