A LICENCE application for a prospective pan-Asian-style restaurant in Ulverston is to be considered by a council committee. 

The submission related to 5 Cavendish Street is seeking permission for the sale of alcohol seven days a week between 11am and 10.30pm. 

A report produced ahead of today's meeting of the district council's licensing sub-committee says five representations to the application were received from residents.

In response, the proposed time for ceasing the sale of alcohol was moved from 11.30pm to 10.30pm. Doors and windows would be closed by 9pm and customers would exit the site by 11pm.

Applicant Inno Hospitality Collective Ltd also agreed to keep the outside courtyard as a non-smoking, dining-only area that would be cleared of customers by 9pm. Disposal and collection of empty bottles and glass would take not take place outside of the hours between 8am and 6pm.

The pre-meeting report, produced by licensing specialist Donna McCarthy, says that four of the representations were withdrawn or resolved after amendments to the application were agreed. One of the representations was not withdrawn.

"The objector was not prepared to withdraw the objection unless the hours of operation were reduced to daytime hours only," says Ms McCarthy in her report.

The plan is for a space that was previously used as a café to be renovated and turned into a restaurant with 'approximately 28 covers'. 

The premises licence application form lists a number of steps that would be taken to ensure the licensing objectives were met. 

Among them is the installation of CCTV to monitor the front of the premises and bar area. This would be 'maintained, working and recording at all times the premises are open'.

A spokesman for Inno Hospitality Collective says customers would be 'encouraged to leave the premises quietly and in an orderly manner', with 'notices displayed at the entrance and exit'.

The spokesman says a 'strong management team' would be in place and that staff would experience 'ongoing' training. 

Another representation related to the application - from Environmental Health - was received. 

It was agreed that 'noise or odour from any ventilation, refrigeration or air conditioning plant or equipment shall not cause nuisance to the occupants of any properties in the vicinity' and that no amplified music would be played between 11pm and 8am.