VIEWS are split on whether the proposed 'adventure tourism experience' should go ahead after a petition protesting the development reached 30,000 signature.

Burlington Stone says it wants to set up an 'immersive', educational attraction at Elterwater Quarry.

The project would see visitors move around the quarry area courtesy of high ropes and a 'cavern toboggan' ride - previously referred to as a 'cavern coaster'. This would be a toboggan-style ride on a track.

Those not taking part would be able to watch on from vantage points and learn more about the history of the quarry and the slate industry.

Bill Kendall said: “They are not keen to educate people about the history, that could be done quietly with guided walks, they are keen to make lots and lots of money.”

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Osterpool said: “If they want to educate people about the history of the quarry, a simple information board near the site would suffice. Having expolited the land and made a profit out of it for so long, I don't suppose they could now leave it be and let it go back to nature, instead of squeezing as much money out of it as they're able.

Adam Edwards said: “Question what have or doing to improve living conditions and employment in the area worry about that first!”

Gladys Fripton-Smythe said: “Bethesda quarry in North Wales has a fantastic zip wire and I would say it's an asset to the area. People turn up and spend money. The lake District already caters for thousands of visitors. Go ape works. I think it's a good idea.

LeRaPuR disagreed: “The Lake District caters for more than thousands of visitors, it hosts over 15 million every year although one report says 19 million. The last thing it needs is more attractions to attract even more vistors. Anything to deter the thronging hordes would be most welcome.”

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