AMBLESIDE’S Rushbearing celebration brought out the community to mark the occasion.

The traditional and historic Rushbearing Procession took place round the streets of the village on Saturday - much to the delight of crowds of onlookers lining the streets.

The procession, church service and the reward of gingerbread for all was followed by the Children’s Rushbearing Sports.

The festival is a celebration associated with the ancient custom of annually replacing the rushes on the earth floors of churches, rushes being a general term for rushes, reeds, and sweet-smelling grasses.

The bearings vary from large ornate devices such as hoops, staves, and crosses to simple sheaf's carried by children.

Composed mainly of rushes cut from nearby lake shores, they are highly decorated with mosses, flowers, and greenery.

Large Church bearings, small church bearings, nursery and primary school children and clergy from all denominations set off, accompanied by Burneside Brass Band, from the Primary School in Vicarage Road.

The procession continued up Compston Roat, past the Bridge House and up Smithy Brow – past the Golden Rule. It later passed through the streets to the Market Place.

Procession continues down Church Street to St. Mary’s Church.

Upon arrival at St. Mary’s the bearings were displayed around the church, where they remain throughout the services the following day.

A short service of worship was put on as the glory of God’s creation was celebrated and thanks are given for the beauty and fruitfulness all around us.

All participants are given a piece of delicious gingerbread on the way out of Church.

The afternoon saw an enjoyable sports afternoons organised by Ambleside’s Fire Service, which included races for all ages.