A KENDAL artist has created several works of art recording the progression of the bridge work at Gooseholme.

Robert Henfrey, who has lived and worked in Kendal since 1993, has created over a dozen sketches of the ongoing civil engineering project that will see the creation of the new bridge over the river Kent.

His art has depicted the progression of the project from various points of view and he is creating a series of sketches which will record the event.

Robert said: “I’ve sketched a lot around Kendal. I’ve created about 150 sketch books over the years and worked in a variety of media. I’ve even had some of my work shown in London.

“I had a book published in the first lockdown and then thought it would be best to start doing a series of paintings around my local area.

“The riverside work, I feel, offers a great opportunity for artists to get out and record what happens.

“I began my work in November 2021 when they built the compound on New Road. Since then, I’ve recorded little bits and pieces.

“This is once a generation event for Kendal.

“I thought it would offer a great chance to create some work and it is really relevant for the people of Kendal. And events in general.

“On the day it goes in I hope to take a video because it will be too quick to capture it, and then create some more sketches from that.

“I’ve not seen any other artists out there but I would like to be the first who records it.”

To follow Robert and his work visit https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100049902223741.