AN APPLICATION for changes to Kendal's flood scheme project has been submitted to the district council. 

The work includes a new Stock Beck pumping station.

A design and access statement, prepared by Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure Ltd, acting on behalf of the Environment Agency, submitted as part of the application says: "The selected pumps will operate as 'fish-friendly' pumps which will avoid unnecessary harm to fish within the Stock Beck watercourse."

The proposals would also include work at Gooseholme Park.

The design and access statement says: "Due to the upsizing of the Stock Beck pumping station infrastructure, the [defence] wall has been moved slightly further into Gooseholme Park to enable the new infrastructure to sit on the 'dry' side of the defences."

The statement says: "Kendal is the main settlement in the district and plays a vital strategic part in SLDC's growth strategy which earmarks it as the primary focus for new development.

"The risk of flooding to Kendal and the potential negative impacts this could have on the settlement and subsequent future sustainability of the district is reliant not only on the long-term structural and operational integrity of the flood defences, but also the protection of the fluvial floodplain to the north of Kendal.

"The Kendal Flood Risk Management Scheme as a whole is proposed to increase the standard of protection for Kendal against flooding from the River Kent and its tributaries to a five per cent annual exceedance probability (AEP).

"This is a flood event that has a five per cent probability of occurring in any given year, which is a significant increase on the previous level of protection in Kendal, where the onset of flooding is as low as a 50 per cent AEP in some locations.

"A total of 227 residential properties and a minimum of 71 businesses with a further 85 properties labelled as unclassified will be protected as part of the Kendal Flood Risk Management Scheme."

The full description of the work reads: "Design changes to the approved Kendal scheme to include the construction of a new pumping station including underground infrastructure, demolition of existing kiosk, erection of motor control centre and electricity substation, linear defences in reach F4, new outfall to the River Kent and new hardstanding and associated landscaping areas incorporating sustainable drainage on land adjacent to the River Kent at Stock Beck and Gooseholme Park (reaches F1 and F4)."