CUMBRIA Police has issued a warning to drivers after a main road through a Lakes town was ‘obstructed’ by parked cars.

The force has already reported a ‘high increase’ in visitor numbers and subsequent ‘issues’ on the road network, including people parking on solid white lines on the A591 in Ambleside at Waterhead, near to Jenkins Field.

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“With summer fast approaching and with high temperatures, the Lakes have seen a high increase in visitors to the area,” said a Cumbria Police spokesman.

“This is a huge benefit to local businesses; however it brings its issues as the road network around the Lake District struggles to cope with the number of vehicles.

“Ambleside has seen vehicles obstructing the A591 at Waterhead near to Jenkins Field, where there are solid white lines to prevent this from happening.

“However, it has come to note that many people are unaware of the meaning of solid white lines in the middle of the road.”

Cumbria Police has warned people the issue may need to be looked at again with partners, including the Lake District National Park, for a ‘long term solution’.

“Police posters have been placed along the foot path advising people to not park there - also there has been a request for posters to be placed by LDNPA too,” continued the spokesman.

“The police can issue tickets for obstruction, but this will need to be done every day as they will be different people causing these issues. This is not a good use of resources and the problem may need to be looked at with partners for a more long-term solution.

“Also, with the hot weather arriving, we see an increase in calls for service for dogs being left in vehicles.  Leaving a dog in a car for just 20 minutes can be fatal.”