AN ACTRESS from Cumbria will star in a new BBC horror series.

Hannah Griffiths, 20, will star in Red Rose, a new horror series coming to BBC Three.

The series is created by Paul and Michael Clarkson – known for their previous work, The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Hannah will be playing a school bully called Big Jenna. The series is set in the north of England during the summer of GCSEs and follows a group of teenage friends.

They are living their best lives until a mysterious app called Red Rose blooms on their phones, threatening them with dire consequences if they don’t follow its instructions. The app exposes the group to a supernatural entity and the seductive yet terrifying power of the dark web.

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This will be Hannah's first professional screen debut.

She said: "From the age of 12/13 I started doing acting classes in Manchester.

"They had an open casting call for this series and everybody was auditioning for it and I thought 'oh gosh, what are the chances' and gave it my best shot.

"There were a few different roles you could go for but I saw Big Jenna and the character description and thought I could do this quite well.

"I sent in my self-tape and got a call to go down to London for a chemistry meeting.

"It took around two months to get the final yes - I initially didn't think I got the role."

Hannah was directing a short film when she got the call to say that she had the part. She said when she got the part she 'fell to the floor'.

The premiere of Red Rose will be held at The Light Cinema in Bolton on Tuesday, August 9 and includes a feature-length preview of the first episode of the series, produced by the multi-award-winning production company Eleven. 

On how her parents reacted to the news, Hannah said: "My dad was crying, my mum was crying, everyone was crying.

"I am so fortunate that my parents have supported my career. I have never had a plan B I have always said I am going to be in the industry and I am going to be an actor no matter what and my parents have always been so supportive of that.

"It has been a blessing."