A POPULAR antique store has been awarded Best Nationwide High Street Antique Centre 2022.

Vincent Page, 57, owner of Antiques on High, owns multiple shops across the UK, including Bowness, Oxford and Sidmouth.

Vincent said he was 'thrilled to bits' after receiving the news.

He added: "We won the award two years ago and I was taken aback then but we must be doing something right to be given the award a second time around."

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Antiques on High opened in Bowness in May 2021. Vincent said opening the shop to some was considered to be 'bordering on madness'. 

Now, plans are well underway to expand the Antiques on Hgh brand even further as Vincent and his partner Lesley 'head home' in their next venture.

Vincent said: "Winning yet another award is a pat on the back for us and recognition of the work involved as far as we are concerned.

"On more than one occasion in the last few months we have been at all three stores in one day before going home, covering more than 475 miles in less than 24 hours as well as running a shop for a day and if that level of commitment is what it takes then so be it."