At the end of July, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Kendal, held a talk entitled ‘Christian Science: a clearer view of you’.

As a Christian Science church, we are encouraged to host a talk once a year.

It is a very special opportunity for us to pray together for our community and so, led by our speaker, Lyle Young, we became a ‘prayer-team’ as we prayed individually for our community during July.

We discussed what might be the issues currently troubling people locally and in his talk Lyle suggested prayerful, healing approaches to meeting those needs.

Prayer in Christian Science does not start with asking God to give us something we seem to be missing out on.

We start with God and understand Him to be the source of all the good in our lives.

This gratitude for the good we have is an important step in healing a situation.

We understand that God, our Father/Mother, knows that we are each complete, now, because we are created in His own image and likeness (Genesis 1v26).

We also know that God is ever present, everywhere, so there cannot be any areas where good is not present.

According to Christian Science, we believe that, when these spiritual ideas are prayerfully held we make room for wonderful things to happen in our experience.

We call these happenings proofs of God’s care.

They are the result of that ‘holy, uplifting faith’ that we share as we trust confidently in God as His beloved children.

Liz Falkingham: First Church of Christ Scientist, Kendal