A GROUP of residents is battling to save a bus shelter whose future is under threat.

The saga related to the site in Red Lane, between Swarthmoor and Great Urswick, has been running for more than a year. 

Residents fear the council has plans to remove the shelter, which is used by schoolchildren. 

Kathleen Dobson, who lives on the Birkrigg Park estate, which sits behind the shelter, said the shelter was vital to protecting children from the elements. 

"Would you want them to turn up at school absolutely soaking wet and drenched to start their school day, or dry and safe from traffic?" she said.

"You want them to arrive at school in a positive way."

Pennington Parish Council minutes from April 2021 show that the council has considered removing the shelter.

The minutes say: "[Council clerk Lynn] Bell informed members that, after making enquiries, it appears that the bus shelter at Birkrigg Park might not be used regularly and, due to the cost of continually replacing panes, asked the parish council to consider the option of removing it completely.

"It was agreed to put out posters asking for feedback to this."

Minutes from June 2021 say: "Mrs Bell updated members on the responses received regarding the bus shelter at Birkrigg Park.

"It was noted that the responses overwhelmingly supported removing the bus shelter completely.

"Members suggested contacting the football club to offer it to them."

Minutes from November 2021 say the council had agreed to donate £150 to the nearby football club to remove the shelter.

More than 70 residents of the Birkrigg Park estate have now signed a petition calling for the bus shelter to be retained and repaired.

Ms Bell said the shelter was an 'ongoing item' on the parish council agenda. 

"It has been discussed previously and all previous discussions have been recorded in the parish council minutes, which are available on our website," she said. 

"Birkrigg Park bus shelter remains on the agenda for discussion at the parish council meeting in September where residents are invited to express their views on the replacement of the existing structure."