KENDALIANS have expressed their frustration at another charity shop opening in the town.

People have had their say after signage went up on British Red Cross’ new store in the former Phase Eight unit in Finkle Street.

According to a spokesman from British Red Cross, there is still no confirmed opening date for the shop.

Michelle Crake said: “Oooh yippeee, another charity shop in our dying town! Visitors to Kendal must be overwhelmed with excitement!”

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Jane Thompson said: “Deep joy! Another charity shop… just what the town needs.”

Mike Hall said: “Kendal must be a Mecca for pensioners wanting to make a pilgrimage to the abundance of charity shops.”

The Westmorland Gazette: The unit was previously occupied by clothes store Phase EightThe unit was previously occupied by clothes store Phase Eight

Helen Mercer said: “Yes because we need another one not got enough charity shops.”

Gary Smith said: “I was just thinking the other day how Kendal could use another charity shop.”

Dave Keatley said: “Bring the rent down in the shops and maybe just maybe Kendal will get some proper shops.”

James McGregor said: “We have too many that's the trouble. I'm all for charity myself but Kendal high street is littered with more charity shops than anything else.

“The more that get added the less donations the others will receive.”

Ian Bucknell said: “Shame as it looks a fantastic shop front.”

Simon Liness said: “Trouble is as much as everyone complains about the town centre dying and no one investing in shops.

“Take a look at yourselves and think would I sink at least £100k of your own money and gamble on being busier than an online shop with no overheads?...I don't think so.

“We are not the only town suffering at the moment with this phenomenon. We've become a country reliant on convenience where you can buy things at a touch of a key and have it delivered to your door.

“Take a look at yourselves and look if you have ordered online recently. If you want change support local and buy local just saying.”