A BUSINESSWOMAN is on the hunt for independent designers to come on board with her latest project.

Geraldine Ward, of Spinning Jennies, who is redeveloping the former Beales store in Kendal with her partner William Smith, wants to find independent clothing retailers to lease retail outlets in the new store.

Work is underway to convert the building, in Finkle Street, into a space for local independent retailers, a food hall full of Cumbrian based eateries, an area for creative organisations and a number of flats and renovated cottages.

Ms Ward believes high street clothes retailers are being clobbered by online shopping, but that there is still room for small independent retailers.

And she is eager to hear from small clothes, shoe, handbag, hats and other garment retailers and designers for the Spinning Jennies vision.

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“My opinion is that the time for big high street clothes retailers in smaller towns has gone with the wind to online shopping but I think there is room for small independent clothing retailers still,” she said.

“I am particularly keen to find local entrepreneurial designers who make to sell and want independent retail outlets.

“I have been trying to put out feelers for Cumbrian entrepreneur clothes designers who would maybe lease retail outlets in Spinning Jennies, or a creative space to make and showcase.

“So far, I have had three come along to chat with me but there is room for quite a few. Also handmade shoes, handbags, hats.

“Or outdoor gear. Or tailors (male and female) of the good quality variety, who may also deploy technology to scan bodies for size and shape then design and make to suit/fit the client.

“I would particularly like a service in Spinning Jennies like that.”

Ms Ward's comments came after residents expressed their wish for more clothes stores in the town.

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