THE MANAGER of a Kendal pub is set to appear on national television after TV bosses were spooked by a CCTV clip of a ghostly incident in the pub he posted online.

Scott Dawson, 43, posted the footage on the Ring O Bells pub website on June 29, but said the attention has come as a complete shock:

"I had an e-mail this morning (August 11), to say it was in The Sun and The Mirror newspaper but I was really busy so I didn't know. 

"At dinnertime, I started getting phone calls one after the other, so I eventually answered, and it was This Morning, saying they'd like to do a piece on it. 

"I didn't even know it was in the papers at that point!

"So it's all gone a bit crazy, we're on Zoom call on TV at 10 'o clock tomorrow morning!"

The pub has hosted three "ghost hunts" with spiritualist medium Gordon Walsh since current landlord Tony Leach took over in 2021, with the next organised for Friday, October 28, and Scott said the pub has its spooky reputation for a good reason:

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"We've had doors opening everywhere, I've had to put a deadbolt on the loft door as I got sick of that. 

"It dropped open on three separate occasions at 3.30 in the morning, and it's really heavy - it makes a very loud noise!

"The glass on the video was one of many, and it's always that spot - Ive even changed the table but it keeps happening.

The Westmorland Gazette: The historic pub, and footage of the first ghost huntThe historic pub, and footage of the first ghost hunt

"The first time it happened it was a little old gentleman that was sat there and he was convinced that he'd knocked it over, even though he was sat nowhere near it at the time, but it went all over him.

"We've had a spirit level on the table, and it's dead straight, we've even tried to recreate it, to no avail.

"I just posted the video up thinking nothing of it - but we are only a small, quirky little pub - we can't do big events, we can't do live music, what we do have is all this weird stuff happening, so if that piques people's interest to come in and have a look, then great!

"The ghost night will sell out in no time now as This Morning wants to mention it, and there are only eight tickets left.