Louis Theroux and Amelia Dimoldenberg have released a music video for their viral hit, Jiggle Jiggle and they star alongside Jason Derulo.

Earlier on in the year, a remix of a conversation between Theroux and Dimoldenberg became a popular dance trend on TikTok.

Amelia asks Louis if he can remember any of the rap he learned in an episode of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends in 2000.

The video for the tune, released on Thursday evening, sees Theroux, Dimoldenberg and Derulo visit chicken shops and late-night diners across London.

The song amassed over 70 million global streams from its appearance on TikTok after DJ and producing duo Duke & Jokes set Theroux’s rap to a backing track and posted it to the social media platform.

The broadcaster, 52, sings: “My money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds / I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure / It makes me wanna dribble dribble, you know.”

“Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it,” he continues, as the video shows him and Dimoldenberg, 28, driving around London in a Fiat and ordering 500 nuggets from a McDonald’s “drive-Theroux,” according to its sign.

Derulo, 32, then joins in from a diner with his own lyrics.

The Westmorland Gazette: American singer Jason Derulo features on the track (PA)American singer Jason Derulo features on the track (PA)

The video, which has over 125,000 views on YouTube, marks Theroux’s first single, the buzz from which still “mystifies” him.

“I got an email: ‘Hey, a remix of the rap you did on Chicken Shop Date is going viral and doing extraordinary things on TikTok.’ I’m, like, ‘Well, that’s funny and weird,'” Theroux told The New York Times in June.

When asked if the attention has actually earned Theroux the money he boasts to have in Jiggle Jiggle, he responded: “I sincerely hope we can all make some jiggle jiggle out of the phenomenon.

“Or maybe some fold… So far, it’s been more on the jiggle end.”