THREE people from Kendal were involved in a climate protest which saw them trespass on the Grays Oil Terminal.

Together with ten other activities, the members of Just Stop Oil closed down Grays oil terminal in Essex for nearly 12 hours by trespassing onto it in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The trespassers climbed up into the loading bays and then on up into pipework, where they attached themselves with glue.  

A specialist heights team were deployed by the police to remove them.  

The three activists were among around 50 people who took part in a coordinated series of actions on Tuesday designed to disrupt critical oil facilities across the country.

A woman from north Cumbria was also involved in an action which closed down Kingsbury oil terminal, the UK’s largest inland oil depot, where two tunnels have also been dug.

Margaret Reid, a 51-year-old museum professional from Kendal, who was imprisoned earlier this year for her part in the Just Stop Oil actions in April, said: “We’re absolutely desperate.

“The UK Government plans to issue over 40 new oil and gas projects in a matter of weeks, when all the world’s scientists are warning that any new fossil fuel projects are incompatible with a liveable future.

“We have to do whatever we possibly can to stop the Government from ploughing ahead with its deadly plans, and if that means putting our bodies in the way of the machinery that’s killing us then that’s what we must do.”

John Scott, a 60-year-old education worker from Kendal, said: “I've decided to take action with Just Stop Oil because, despite the heatwaves, fires, floods and crop failures, our government is still promoting investments in North Sea oil and gas.

“I find it incredible that ordinary people like me are having to go to such lengths to try to force our government to fulfil its own climate pledges and to stop squandering what little chance we have left to secure a liveable future.

“I’m doing this for my son and daughter because I’m terrified of what the future holds for them.”

Catherine Rennie-Nash, a 72-year-old retired teacher from Kendal, said: “I am beyond angry about the government’s plans to allow more oil and gas projects in the UK. 

“I have no choice but to be in civil resistance.

“We need to understand that the government isn’t protecting us.

“The cost-of-living crisis is a choice, sky-high fuel bills is a choice, new oil and gas is a choice."