A KENDAL pub boss was shocked to be quoted an increase of more than £100,000 for its energy bill.

The Ye Old Fleece Inn, located on Highgate, shared on social media they had been told their electricity bill in the next few months would hit £124,000.

“We have just been quoted £124,000 for our electricity bill from October," the post said.

“This is not sustainable for small business, what is the answer?”

Since the cost-of-living crisis began, individuals, homeowners and businesses have struggled with increasing bills.

A spokesman from Cumbria Chamber of Commerce said: "The increasing costs are worrying for business owners in all sectors.

“With so many pressures on businesses some are being forced to re-evaluate their viability which is devastating.

“SMEs are the backbone of the economy and if they aren’t given the support, they need many will cease to exist.

“We’re maintaining a dialogue with our members regarding this issue and feeding back their concerns to government, lobbying hard for support to ensure the survival of our local businesses.”

The post by the Fleece has prompted reactions regarding the amount.

The Manchester based GRUB responded: “Our electricity bill went from 14k to 50k a year over the past 6 months & we're one of the lucky ones to get a fixed price in January because it's almost doubled again since then.

“Genuinely looking in to a generator option for our traders now.

“Feel sick for these folk here.”