THE granddaughter of a well-known Kendal cafe owner is releasing a new fashion line - in a touching tribute to her mother and grandmoter.

Alexandra Peill's Nonna was Anna Shaw nee. Tognarelli, an Italian who set up Tognarelli's cafe in Kendal. 

The Westmorland Gazette: Alexandra PeillAlexandra Peill (Image: Alexandra Peill)

Anna was well known for her polished appearance, and her cafe became a popular addition to the town.

The fashion sense also transferred down to her daughter Maria Peill nee. Shaw, another woman that inspired Alexandra's brand, called Alessandra Rareli.

"The brand is very Italian-inspired," said Alexandra.

"The cafe brought people together and was family orientated. I want to bring that into the brand. It is inspired by Italian chic. My mum was well known around town for being incredibly polished, so it is a tribute to my mamma and my nonna."

The Westmorland Gazette: Alexandra's grandmother Anna was an inspiration for the brandAlexandra's grandmother Anna was an inspiration for the brand (Image: Alexandra Peill)

Alexandra put some of the photos of the old cafe and her family into a Kendal Facebook group, and locals praised the old business. 

Both of Alexandra's parents currently live in Kendal, where she grew up, but she lives in London after doing a foundation design course at the London College of Fashion. She previously had another leisurewear brand with her sister, but now is looking to release her own line. 

The Westmorland Gazette: The Italian cafe Tognarelli's in KendalThe Italian cafe Tognarelli's in Kendal (Image: Alexandra Peill)

The first Alessandra Reli collection is launching on September 8 at 6pm on her website.

Alexandra wants to make sustainability a major factor in her fashion line.

"When it comes to fashion I have always like to limit new purchases, and many of my favourite items in my wardrobe have been handed down from my Mamma," she said.

Alessandra Reli is launching with the Maria Anna shirt, a combination of both Alexandra's Mamma's and Nonna's names. The shirt is made from organic cotton and is targeted at entrepreneurial women retailing at £145. 

The Westmorland Gazette: The shirts are on a made to order basisThe shirts are on a made to order basis (Image: Alexandra Peill)

"There will be a limited amount of orders. I don't want to make an excessive amount of products. The customers will wait three to five weeks until it is received, and I will document it being made and put it on Instagram," she said.

"All the products get numbered as they are made, we're trying to save on emissions. At the moment it is just going to be online but we will see how it goes from there."