Have you ever lost something that's precious to you? If so, how did you feel?

I ask this because I couldn't find my favourite scarf after returning from holiday.

After searching high and low in the house, trying to recall when last worn, and getting more frantic and even upset at the loss, I came to the conclusion it had been left behind somewhere en route from our holiday in Ayrshire.

But why this sense of utter sadness?

Yes, it was my favourite, nice to wear, versatile, inexpensive, prettily coloured and gave joy, as well as being admired by others - and I also have plenty of scarves. So why the fuss?

The sense of disbelief at its loss prompted more searching the next day and there it was, hidden beneath a cardigan on a chair.

Oh, what joy and gladness beyond all measure welled up within and with delight I rang to tell others “On the search”.

There's a story told by Jesus of a woman who lost one of her precious ten coins (Luke 15 v 8-10).

So, she lit a lamp, swept the entire house, searched carefully - and found it.

She then called to her friends and neighbours to rejoice with her.

A bit of a similarity, don’t you think?

The Bible tells us that there is great joy in Heaven and in the presence of God's angels when a lost sinner is found and saved.

Have a good week and be joyful in what you seek and find.

Delphine Gratrix, Sandylands Methodist Church, Kendal