KENDAL arts venue The Brewery Arts Centre is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The BAC, located on Highgate, has become one of the town’s most popular venues with its cinemas, drama studios, galleries, theatre, and restaurant.

The company marked their 50th year on May 10, 2022.

Since the end of lockdown, BAC welcomed to return of their acts, performing groups, musicians, and the general public.

CEO and artistic director Miriam Randall said: “On the day of our anniversary we held a big staff brunch which is a bit of a tradition here.

“We hadn’t been able to do it for a few years because of Covid but it was great to get everyone back together again.

“We’re moving on with things including our public programs. We have some high profiled gigs which we are very excited about. There will be some big names from America. This is the Kit, Joan as Police Woman and Everything Everything.

“Things were on hold for two years and it’s fantastic being able to open the doors again and getting back to full capacity.

“On the day of our 50th we had an open day and we held a free program over the summer. We had our summer Sundays and a family day on May 10.

“They are free for everyone, free outdoor theatre and free workshops, free dance and gives people a chance to make their own music and dances.

“There was free pop corn with a lucky dip where we gave away 100 cinema tickets.

“There was a special visit from Ann Pierson who used to run the Brewery for over 30 years.

“Looking ahead we will be launching our autumn and winter season, and a lot of exciting acts coming back soon.

“A company called Propeller will be putting on their new piece, as well as our own musicians have some shows coming up.

“For young people we have our Future Creatives which aims at 18–30-year-olds meeting people already working in the creative industries and showing their work.

“We also have our Acting for Camera sessions which are aimed for teenagers where they can learn how to act of screen.

“During lockdown we were able to develop a lot of the building and improve the venue. We like to bring in new equipment, bring more energy and make it the best possible experience.”

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