THE Met Office has released the latest temperatures for this weekend. 

It predicts that today it will remain fairly cloudy with the odd light shower, with skies brightening heading into the afternoon. 

On Sunday low cloud will slowly lift to give warm sunshine before rain moves in from the west into the evening. 

Here are the temperatures: 


  • 12am: 17C
  • 1pm: 18C
  • 2pm: 18C
  • 3pm: 18C
  • 4pm: 18C
  • 5pm: 18C
  • 6pm: 17C
  • 7pm: 17C
  • 8pm: 16C
  • 9pm: 15C
  • 10pm: 15C
  • 11pm: 14C


  • 9am: 15C
  • 10am: 17C
  • 11am: 18C
  • 12am: 19C
  • 1pm: 19C
  • 2pm: 20C
  • 3pm: 20C
  • 4pm: 20C
  • 5pm: 20C
  • 6pm: 19C
  • 7pm: 19C
  • 8pm: 18C
  • 9pm: 18C
  • 10pm: 17C
  • 11pm: 17C