A CUMBRIAN town was the subject of a question on the latest episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire?

Presenter Jeremy Clarkson reintroduced viewers to Natalie Shaw, from Kew, who had been on air for ‘four seconds’ on a previous episode before the klaxon signalled the end of the show.

Returning to the hot seat, Natalie described herself as a ‘calculated risk taker’.

“Now we should explain that you’re the winner of our new daytime sister show ‘Fastest Finger First’ and this is your prize, sitting there,” said Clarkson.

Natalie joked that making it onto the show meant that she could now go home.

Clarkson said: “You could but then that would be the worst prize in history. If you win big it’s a huge prize and if you embarrass yourself, it’s not so good.”

She was eased into the game show by being asked the question ‘Ping-Pong is another name for which sport?’ for £100.

Breezing through the early questions, she was asked ‘What was the profession of Woody in the ‘Toy Story’ films?’ Out of the choices of spaceman, sheriff, stuntman or shepherd, she correctly answered sheriff, earning herself a guaranteed of £1,000.

Moving on to the £2,000 question, Natalie was asked: “The Cumbrian town of Kendal is particularly associated with what type of confectionary?”

She had the option to choose: A – Mint Cake B – Gingerbread C – Honeycomb D – Marshmallow “Okay I’m fairly sure it’s Kendal Mint Cake, which is my final answer,” said Natalie.

Her correct answer meant she could carry on her mission towards the £1,000,000 prize.

Natalie, an avid traveller, has been to a staggering 86 countries, and hopes to reach 100.

Getting closer to the end, she decided to set the safety net at £64,000 with only two lifelines left.

Natalie was asked: “Which of these animals is not yet extinct, with two known individuals surviving to 2022?”

Unfortunately, Natalie failed to pick between the Pinta giant tortoise, Caspian tiger, Northern white rhinoceros or Pyrenean ibex, instead opting to take home £32,000.