A MOUNTAIN rescue operation was launched after a walker fell while retrieving a rucksack.

Coniston Mountain Rescue Team was called by Cumbria Police at 3pm on Monday, September 19, to help an injured walker on the top of Dow Crag.

A rucksack belonging to one of a walking party was knocked over the edge of the crag by a dog and a man from the party who went to retrieve it fell and became stuck, suffering a knee injury.

The team dispatched all three of their Land Rovers, one picking up more team volunteers and kit due to the difficult location of the incident.

The team posted on social media: "Having located the casualty on the crag, we set up anchors at the top and lowered one of our climbers down to him with a spare climbing harness.

"We needed 97 metres of rope to reach him. 

"We were able to raise them up to the top of the crag using a 3:1 pulley system with our new clutches.

"The casualty was assessed, given pain relief, and treated for leg abrasions, but was able to walk with us down to his party's car.

"19 volunteer members attended for 5 hours and 20 minutes."

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