Grange and District Amateur Operatic Society celebrated its 40th anniversary with the well-loved My Fair Lady in 1990.

Christine Jones, who grew up with many of the members, was a well-known dancing mistress and choreographer and she brought all her expertise together to produce the show.

Our reviewer said the well-designed sets by Colin Burrow needed many more props than the usual musical show and Professor Higgins' study was a model set of such a room.

And the extended entrance for the ballroom scene was very impressive.

The hardworking team of stage hands kept the 18 scenes moving quickly without a break.

Eliza was delightful. Her Cockney accent was realistic and her transformation into a beautiful 'lady' proved Jean Malkin was an experienced actress, as well as a tuneful singer and clever dancer.

Derek Roberts as Professor Higgins was outstanding. Malcolm Higginson as Colonel Pickering was a fine foil for Higgins and Colin Burrow was versatile as 'Dolittle'.

Margaret Stockley as stately Mrs Higgins pointed her lines clearly and effectively.

Pam Murrow as Mrs Pearce, the housekeeper, had dignity and authority.

Freddie was played by Michael Malkin in his first major part and he gave a good characterisation.

Grange was set to be rocking around the Christmas tree in December 1994 when the town's amateur operatic society presented its panto.

The festive entertainment was a 60s version of the classic story Cinderella spiced with typically Beatle-age numbers like Da Doo Ron Ron and It's in His Kiss.

The music would be authentic 60s sounds too with electric guitars and guest rock singer Simon Burgess, who was very well known in the Grange area.

Rock numbers and mini-skirts apart, it would be a totally traditional panto with lots of shouting, comedy, slapstick and fun.

Catherine Bleasdale played Cinderella, Martin Gregory was Buttons, Adrian Wiper and Alan Boyes were the Ugly Sisters and Maureen Higginson was the Fairy Godmother.

Prince Charming was played by Sarah Taggert and the wicked witch Zelda by Margaret Stockley.