SUNNY intervals are to be expected this weekend in Kendal.

The Met Office has said to expect sunny intervals today, changing to light showers by lunchtime, with Sunday seeing clear weather, turning to partly cloudy by nighttime.




1pm- 14C

2pm- 14C

3pm- 14C

4pm- 14C

5pm- 14C

6pm- 14C

7pm- 13C

8pm- 12C

9pm- 12C

10pm- 12C

11pm- 11C


12am- 11C

1am- 11C

2am- 11C

3am- 10C

4am- 10C

5am- 10C

6am- 10C

7am- 9C

8am- 9C

9am- 11C

10am- 12C

11am- 13C

12pm- 14C

1pm- 15C

2pm- 15C

3pm- 15C

4pm- 15C

5pm- 14C

6pm- 13C

7pm- 12C

8pm- 11C

9pm- 10C

10pm- 9C

11pm- 9C