IN 1956, the Lake District welcomed a special visit from Queen Elizabeth the second, and Prince Philip.

Arriving in Appleby by train, the Royal couple began their Lakes tour by greeting the Lord Lieutenant of Westmoreland, Major J. W. Cropper, and the Mayor and Mayoress on the platform.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh also greeted dignitaries and local leaders of the town of Appleby, before meeting a enormous crowd awaiting them on the street.

Her next point of call was inspecting the ranks of Guard of Honour.

The crowd were treated to more sights of the Queen on balcony of "The Mool" after having seen ancient charter.

Later on the Queen received a lovely bouquet from a child of the Balgarth hospital.

One of the most memorable aspects of the tour was The Queen and Prince Philip's boarding of the vessel "Teal" which was overseen by Captain Jackson.

Hundreds of people gathered on the shows to see the vessel carry its most important passenger across the waters of Windermere.

Their final stop saw them arrive in Kendal where they were treated to a reception at the County Hall.

Queen receiving dignitaries of Kendall outside the County Hall.