South Lakeland district council


MILNTHORPE - 6 Ash trees marked on site with Pink I.D paint-Fell-All infected with Ash Dieback disease - TR/2022/0150.

KENDAL - T1-Willow-Fell to fence height, T2-Elm-Fell to fence height, T3+T4-Willow-remove branches overhanging neighbouring property - TR/2022/0151.

MILNTHORPE - T1-Pine Fell - TR/2022/0152.

GRANGE-OVER-SANDS - T1 Sycamore - Remove epicormic growth, T2 - T9 Larch - Fell, T10 Yew - Crown raise to 3 metres and crown reduce by 2 metres, T11 - T20 Ash, Cypress, Larch & Birch - Fell, T21 Yew - Prune back to retaining wall, T22 Ash, T23 Cherry & T24 Ash – Fell - TR/2022/0147.


Area of Special Advertisement Control

ULVERSTON - Conversion of an office building (Use Class E) to two dwellings (Use Class C3) under the provisions of Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended) - Schedule 2, Part 3, Class MA - PN/2022/0122.

KENDAL - Creation of improved access, with turning area and change of use of agricultural land to domestic garden - SL/2022/0890.

CARNFORTH - Discharge of condition 4 (hard and soft landscaping) attached to planning permission SL/2021/1030 & SL/2022/0873.