A CUMBRIAN actor has landed a role in Blues Brothers the Musical which will be performed in Italy.

Kieran Williams, from Appleby, will be acting in the country between November 2022 and March 2023 with the show.

Since he started acting at the age of 14, Kieran has performed in Liverpool’s Empire Theatre and has done extra work in some notable shows such as Waterloo Road and Shameless.

The actor, and father, is excited to take on the role and is encouraging others to pursue their passion.

Kieran said: “I have been acting since I did my GCSEs at the age of 14. Acting wasn’t something I had really thought about until then.

“I didn’t really love school but I did enjoy drama and I really looked forward to it every week.

“When I got older, I started getting out there and doing some extra work, some musicals and some modelling as well.

“I applied for numerous agencies and auditions but there aren’t a lot in Cumbria.

“I did some great shows. I was played Tyrone Jackson in Fame which I was really proud of.

“I’ve done some extra work and I’ve done a few TV shows.

“I’m really happy to be in Blues Brothers. A few years ago, when I was doing shows at the Empire Theatre, I met a lad called Connor and I’ve kept in touch over the years. He saw an opening and told me about it. And I got in.

“Being one of the Blues Brothers is fantastic.

"I fly out to Italy on the 14th for rehearsals and we start in November. I’ll get to come back for Christmas and then go back out there for January until March.

“It will be intense, two shows a day and it won’t be a holiday.

“It may sound cliché but I’d really like to tell people out there who have a passion like acting or singing to get out there. I will never retire as an actor, even if I’m offered a role when I’m 99 I’d take it.

“I never quit and never retire. My line work is going to start in two weeks, that’s the way I see it and I never want it to end.

“There is no time limit on your dreams and I hope other people can pursue theirs.

“My drama teacher, Mrs Baimbridge had all the belief in the world in me. She said make sure you let me know when you get your first acting job.”

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