Ingleton's Harley Rushton finished off the 2022 season at his home race in North Yorkshire in the seventh round of the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club Championship.

The final round of the championship brought in plenty of supporters for the Craven Classic Racing Team.

Harley took the victory in the final ACU 350 Classic Race of the year but had torrid times in other races across the weekend.

The weather and track conditions proved difficult for making tyre choices and finding a good pace round the circuit.

After an underwater test day on the Friday, practice and qualifying started with little track time on the circuit for Harley or anyone else. Difficult conditions throughout the morning made for tricky qualifying sessions.

Harley managed to qualify P2 on the Post Classic 350 Craven TZ, P3 on the Classic 350 Craven Honda but only managed P8 in the Classic 500 on the Craven Manx, giving him good grid positions to start the weekend.

The grid positions for the ACU races were dictated by championship standings which gave Harley front row starts for both races.

The first race of the weekend was the Classic 350 race.

He went straight out and led the race for the first couple of laps before the sun came out again and the track dried up resulting in him dropping back a couple of places to finish the race in third place.

The 500cc classic races were more difficult with ever changing track conditions meant Harley languished in ninth position in both races before a team decision not to compete in the race of the year meant that was all she wrote for Harleys 500 Classic challenge in 2022.

Harley only managed fourth position in this championship come the end of the year.

In the Post Classic 350 Grand Prix races there was a dry track for both running’s of this on the Saturday. Harley capitalised on this taking an early lead in the first race but unfortunately fell on lap two, crashing out of the lead after hitting a few bumps on a cold tyre.

Sunday at Croft circuit is a midday start to proceedings due to noise restraints.

Harley started the day with the 350cc Classic race of the year where he put on a good performance bettering the current lap record round the track until he suffered fatigue in his arms causing him to lose pace and only manage a 2nd position.

Harley lined up for his second race of the day the Post Classic ACU race where Harley needed to core as many points as he could over his rival Joe Woodward to take the championship title.

He led the race early on and had a significant lead over the whole field along with Ant Hart until a gearbox issue meant Harley had to retire from the race.

This left his championship hopes stranded at the side of the track with him and his Craven TZ. Harley gave it his all but unfortunately, he could only manage 2nd place in that championship this season, a credible effort aboard a bike with 400cc less than his competitors.

Harley has had a year that exceeded his expectations but the final round left him deflated.

“I went into the final round with such high expectations on myself, I had already won the Classic 350 Twins Championship, the Post Classic 350 Grand Prix Championship and the ACU Classic 350 Title," he said.

“Despite this I wanted to end the season on a high and set myself targets and achievements for the final round.

“It was a busy few week organising and preparing everything for the final round, we had a chat show with the North Yorkshire Road Racing Supporters Club on Thursday evening, a test day on the Friday and lots of guests and supporters coming to the event across the weekend.

“I massively appreciate all the support I received at my home race but this made the fact I didn’t achieve the wins I had aspired to more difficult as I wanted to put on my best performance.

“I have to remember I did, but sometimes racing goes that way and your best might not mean victory on that day.

“Even so we still finished the season strongly and with everything relatively in one piece. I would like to thank the whole Craven Classic Racing Team, Ted, my dad (Paul), Kelly, Luke, Tom, Bibbys of Ingleton, Ciceley Motorsport and everyone else who supported me throughout 2022 because I couldn’t have achieved this year’s accolades on my own.

“For this I am grateful and I hope we can all continue to go racing into 2023 for more success, enjoyment and progress.”

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