AFTER debuting and receiving rave reviews at Edinburgh Fringe, a one-woman show will be coming to south Cumbria next week.

Florence Espeut-Nickless’ newest production, DESTINY, will be showcased at Brewery Arts, Kendal, on October 20 at 7.30pm. 

Florence describes the one-woman performance as a semi-autobiographical story of a teenage girl growing up on a council estate. A big night out takes a turn for the worse, and Destiny’s life spirals out of control as she desperately tries to learn how to love and be loved. 

“I hope the performance inspires young people to share their own stories in an authentic, truthful, bold, brave, unashamed way that is truthful to them,” explained Florence.

“When you grow up in a rural area, tourists don’t see the side to your hometown that you experience; the limited opportunities, the isolation, young people can feel forgotten,” said Florence.

DESTINY explores hard-hitting themes of sexual abuse and misuse of power, giving weight to the unheard voices of working-class communities nationally and internationally. As an artist, she is passionate about connecting with as many young people and audiences to make the arts more accessible to everyone.

Florence, said: “It’s important to connect with young people in different ways because it shows that wherever you’re from, you can still dream big and your story still deserves to be heard.”

The UK Tour of DESTINY is funded by Arts Council England and presented in partnership with Tender; the only UK charity focused solely on preventing domestic abuse amongst young people, providing a safe and playful space in which they can engage with sensitive topics.

As well as the more traditional theatres, Florence is touring DESTINY in community centres, schools on council estates, and independent arts venues like Brewery Arts to ensure the tour reaches those who wouldn’t normally have access to live theatre. 

She concluded, “I wanted to tell the story from a rural, working-class perspective which I wasn’t seeing in theatre or the arts in general.”

Tickets can be purchased from or by calling 01539 725 133.