A KENDAL grappler pulled off a huge upset win at Grapplefest held in Liverpool.

Will Kaye, a 20-year-old brown belt in Brazilian Jujitsu from Lake District BJJ Academy, completed in the submission grappling tournament which is considered one of the most prestigious in Europe.

He competed against Jack Tyley, a black belt in the sport from London, who had a 4k weight advantage over him.

Despite the difficult match up, Will won by rear naked choke, pulling off an impressive upset victory.

Will was applauded by the organisers on the quality of his performance.

Despite his age he has an extensive competitive background and has competed successfully at the highest levels in UK grappling.

Sam Kaye, Will’s instructor, and older brother said: “Will is determined, hardworking and unbelievably passionate when it comes to his Jiu-Jitsu training.

“He is no were near his physical prime and is already showing that him and the other members of Lake District BJJ Academy have incredibly bright futures in the sport. “

Lake District BJJ Academy also has ten students competing in a Manchester open BJJ tournament on October 16.

Sam is also the first black belt in BJJ in Cumbria, as well as Europe’s first disabled black belt.

He is also the 2021 British Champion and a 2022 silver medallist.