A CUMBRIAN Just Stop Oil protester has been remanded in custody after taking part in a demonstration over the M25.

Activists climbed on the bridges on the motorway for the fourth consecutive day on the motorway in Kent, Surrey, Essex and Hertfordshire.

A collision occurred on the motorway which involved two lorries. A police officer was injured in the incident.

Just Stop Oil are demanding that the government stops all new UK oil and gas projects.

Catherine Rennie-Nash, 72, a retired teacher and grandmother from Kendal, was arrested on Monday and taken to Westminster Magistrates Court the following day where she was refused bail and remanded to prison.

She is due to appear at Southwark Crown Court on December 6 when she will hear whether she is to be remanded until her trial.

She said: “If new oil and gas projects continue we know millions will die.

"That's a fact. Our criminal government is responsible for us having to resort to these disruptive actions - they could have ended this months ago by agreeing to stop issuing new oil or gas licences.

"Every scientist is telling us we have a tiny window to stop irreversible climate catastrophe, leading to immeasurable suffering, and they tell us we must have no more fossil fuels.

"Licencing new oil and gas fields is utter insanity, and I’m outraged that our government is still ploughing ahead with them regardless.

"They would apparently rather kill all of us and everything we love by flood, fire, famine and war than stop the flow of obscene profits to the fat cats of Shell, Exxon, BP etc.”

On Monday, 15 Just Stop Oil activists climbed onto the overhead gantries of the M25 in at least twelve locations, causing police to close large sections of the motorway.

On Tuesday, a further 15 climbed on the gantries.

Just Stop Oil contacted the Metropolitan Police and National Highways Ltd the night before to advise them that there would be major disruption on the M25, and asked them to implement a 30mph speed limit,

The gantry climbing actions come after Just Stop Oil issued an ultimatum to the Government that it reverses its plans to it plans to licence more than 130 new oil and gas projects or the campaign of disruption would be escalated.

A spokesperson for Just Stop Oil said: “What did you expect? This government is complicit in an illegal and unconstitutional plan to issue more licences and consents for new oil and gas.

"A plan that will take the world over 1.5C, resulting in the collapse of ordered society, the loss of our rights and freedoms and the death of millions of people."