BGKT Buddhist Group of Kendal (Theravada) and Keswick Buddhist Group (Theravada) have been delighted to welcome a distinguished honorary Kendalian.

Theravada Buddhist Monk Venerable Mahalova Ariyadhamma, who has made a significant impact on Kendal through his qualities of mindfulness, purity, and innocence, and is now living in a forest in Sri Lanka.

Forest Monks live simple pure lives of renunciation which are in harmony with nature and their surroundings.

He holds a degree in Buddhist Philosophy from the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. He became a Buddhist Monk in 2004.

When he is in the UK, he is based at Ketumati Buddhist Vihara Manchester which has a close relationship with Buddhists in Kendal and Cumbria.

Venerable Pidiville Piyatissa (The Head of Ketumati Buddhist Vihara) has taught BGKT and Keswick Buddhist Group since 1999.

Ketumati Buddhist Vihara and BGKT have written a booklet Requirements and Ceremonies about the traditional Buddhist procedures we use when lay Buddhists take Precepts and become Sangha, Community of Buddhist Monks, authorized Dhamma Teachers.

As Preceptor Venerable Pidiville Piyatissa recently gave the Eight Precepts with Right Livelihood as the Eighth for Life (Ajivatthamaka Sila) to members of the group.

Venerable Ariyadhamma presented a certificate recording the of taking these Precepts during his recent visit to Kendal.

Venerable Ariyadhamma said “I like Kendal and am very happy to be here to share my knowledge of Buddhism and engage in dialogue about Buddhism”.

He has taught BGKT and Keswick Buddhist Group since 2015.

His priority is teaching Buddhism and meditation. He has taught meditation retreats at Fellside Centre Kendal and the Community Room at Kendal Fire Station.

His most recent visit was on 1st November when he led sessions of meditation and study of The Dhamma [Buddhist Teachings].

Since his first visit in 2015 people have spoken of him as an “Honorary Kendalian”.

He is interested in increasing his knowledge and understanding of Kendal and The Lake District. People approach in the street and ask to meet him.

Comments are made that “we are glad to see him back in Kendal” and others ask “we have not seen him for a while, will he be here again soon?”.

“His local visits have included The Peace Garden in Kendal, Cathedral Cave in Cumbria and Ruskin’s View at Kirkby Lonsdale.

He was very interested in Cathedral Cave as forest dwelling Monks live in caves in Sri Lanka.

“We are delighted that he is continuing to make an important contribution to Kendal and Cumbria and look forward to his monthly visits in 2023.”

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