A CARNFORTH gym owner has found great success at the WDFPF European single lift championships.

Jacqueline Wood who runs Endure Fitness Gym in Carnforth, competed in the European contest on November 13 and added to the world record that she had previously set.

She competed in the competition, held in Brandon, and managed to squat 90kg which was 5kg higher than her previous record.

She also deadlifted 140kg which saw her claim the win the best deadlift of the lady’s competition.

Jacqueline said: “Me and my husband Johnny took over the gym in 2019 before lockdown and I was coached by Kato's Superheroes.

“She did so much for me in training and she’s a big reason I managed to do this.

“I began training because I wanted to get rid of some weight and tone up, as you do.

“It was Kato West who suggested I should enter a regional competition at 49 in 2017.

“I qualified for the nationals with a 100kg deadlift. I only did deadlift at the time. It snowballed from there onward.

“I continued on and did a few regional qualifiers. Last Sunday I did the national championships at 54 and won my category in squat and deadlift at 57kg body weight.

“I was able to put on 5kg on my world record from last year and I got the best deadlift at 140kg in the lady’s section.

“I was really pleased.

“It is a big change from working with children for 16 years.

“I’d like to thank my husband, Kato and all our customers who supported us so much.”