A KENDAL woman has been crowned as the new Queen of the European Miss Diva Bikini competition.

Holly Wilson, 38, is a mum of three and fitness coach who has recently competed in the WBFF European Competition 2022 and is now the number one in Europe.

Residing in the south of Kendal, she has previously claimed second in the world championships in Las Vegas.

Holly said: “It feels great being able to reach the first place in Europe and second in the world. It means so much for me.

“I’m an online coach, that’s my job. I coach women to help them through body transformations. I’m a busy mum as well but I’m very passionate about these competitions.

“I’ve been competing for one year, and my first one was in November last year and I turned pro in Vegas. That was also my second competition.

"I've only been competing for 1 year. My first competition was in London 2021 where I turned pro, my second (pro debut) was in the world championships in Las Vegas where I came 2nd in the world and my 3rd was the European championships where I took first place and won the crown.

“It’s been a whirlwind year. "I am the highest placing British female bikini athlete at the worlds within the federation.

“The WBFF means the world of beauty, fashion, and fitness. It focuses on modelling, beauty, and fitness coupled with fashion.

“I’ve lived in Kendal for the last fourteen years and I’m originally from Plymouth. I met my husband, Craig, here and we’ve got a 15-year-old, a 12-year-old, and an 8-year-old.

“Busy mum of three.

“Training takes a lot of time, balancing everything together. Scheduling is key, and so is the diet.

“Sometimes it’s the gym twice a day but it pays off.

"I would typically do mainly weight training 5 times per week, with the addition of cardio five times per week also.

"My next step is to work towards going back to Las Vegas next summer and take the world title.

"The hard work doesn't stop I'm very determined and I won't stop until I achieve my highest goals."