ALTHOUGH the bookies slashed the odds of the UK getting a White Christmas this year, some parts of Yorkshire and Lancashire may get lucky.

A site that reports on events and news related to lottery draws called Lottery calculated the chances of Santa needing a sleigh on Christmas Day for each individual district in the UK. 

According to the results, Craven District which includes the towns of Skipton, Settle and Bentham, is the second most likely place in the UK to see the white stuff. It measured the probability of more than 0.1cm at 80.76 per cent. The mean snow depth for Craven was 0.11cm. 

The chance of Craven getting snow is 9 per cent more probable than Ribble Valley, which comes tenth with a 71.45 per cent chance of seeing snow. The mean snow depth from 2011-2020 was 0.12cm. 

Lottery Critic based this on data collected from the Met Office for weather patterns each winter from 2000 to 2020. It then got the mean value of snow depth for each region by taking the weather station results and putting them into QGIS, an application for collating geographic information and applying it on maps.