A KENDAL primary school has retained its rating of 'Good' following a recent Ofsted inspection.

Heron Hill Primary School is among the largest in the town, with 432 pupils aged between three and eleven years old currently on the roll. 

It has been praised by the inspectors following a visit to the school on October 4 and 5, who noted that 'Heron Hill is a happy school where pupils learn, grow and play together'.

The report states: "Leaders have ensured that staff and pupils understand the behaviour rules. 

For example, children in the early years follow the routines that their teachers set. 

"Older pupils behave well in lessons and around school. 

"Pupils play and learn together well. All pupils know that they need to be respectful of each other. 

"Pupils talk about the way everyone is included, with one pupil saying, 'It doesn’t matter who you are, you are welcome here'."

Inspectors praised the wide variety of activities available to children at the school, noting: 

Pupils, parents, and carers appreciate the wide range of clubs on offer, including beekeeping, den building, yoga, construction, squash, and dance.

"All pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), take an active role in school life."

Reading exercises for younger children are also praised: "Children in the early years love stories. 

"Leaders have carefully chosen the stories that they want children to know and remember. Teachers read these books over and over again."

The report did, however, identify areas in which the school could make improvements, adding: "In a small number of subjects, leaders have not made clear all of the knowledge that pupils need to learn and the order in which they need to learn it. 

"This hampers teachers' ability to provide learning for pupils that builds up their knowledge securely and in a logical order. 

"The range of books that leaders have provided for older pupils is limited and does not appeal to some pupils. 

"This restricts pupils' choice and enjoyment in reading."

The report praised the overall culture among staff at the school:

"Staff feel supported and valued by leaders. They are proud to work at Heron Hill Primary School."