LOOKING for a new challenge? If so, the Lakeland Orienteering Club will take care of your next adventure.

Exploring Kendal in the dark is the upcoming walking course organised by the local club.

Through the walking course people will follow a special map of the town centre to find control flags in order. 

There are two different course lenghts: one of them is just under 3kms and the other one is over 5km. 

Cath Savage, Lakeland Orienteering Club's Development Officer said: "It is a challenge and it's good fun. It's timed so they will come with an electronic dibber on their finger and that records where people have been and the time it takes. 

“Newcomers would need to take their time to navigate carefully between flags rather than aim for the fastest time. It's a sense of achievement of having completed the course."

The adventure starts at 5:30 at Kendal Leisure Centre and is open to anyone, but children under 16 must be accompained by an adult.

People have to bring their own tourches.

The entries online will have to enter by midnight on Sunday.

The price is £6 for adults and £4 for children and full time students.