A once-valued inter-town relationship could be about to end, according to Kendal Town Council (KTC) discussions.

In the latest meeting of Kendal Town Council's Mayoralty and Arts Committee, members discussed the possibility of the demise of the town's official twinning with Killarney in County Kerry in south-west Ireland.

Killarney has been twinned with Kendal since 2004 and its relationship is mentioned on KTC's website.

It says: "Known as the 'Gateway to Ireland's Majestic South West' Kendal and Killarney share many similarities, including a Lake District on its doorstep."

The committee minutes said: "The Committee went on to discuss the twinning relationship with Killarney which appeared to have broken down somewhat now that Killarney Town Council no longer existed.

"The Town Clerk suggested that he should contact Kerry County Council to find out if they were in support of the twinning arrangement and who exactly he needed to talk to with a view to bringing a report back to Committee.

"In response to a query, he informed Members that Killarney were invited to Kendal Town Council events but that they did not attend.

"The Committee talked about options moving forward in the event that the relationship with Killarney could not be resurrected and also discussed whether there was still an international drive for twinning.

"The Town Clerk explained that the European Union had originally been keen for twinning arrangements, that there had been plenty of funding available, and that there had been dedicated officers in this regard."

The discussions came in the wake of the successful 30th anniversary in 2022 of Kendal's other municipal twinning - with Rinteln, a town in Saxony, Germany.

A 31-strong delegation from Rinteln, including mayor Andrea Lange, visited Kendal's Torchlight Festival in September.

The group took part in several events in the town, including the signing of the reaffirmation document, and addresses given by Mayor of Kendal Doug Rathbone and his German counterpart.

The committee minutes said: "The chair raised the potential for the Town Council to pay expenses for future mayoral trips to Rinteln and also to encourage and subsidise Council Members wishing to visit the Town.

"The Town Clerk suggested that a coach should be sent annually, taking, for example, sports clubs, choirs or orchestras."