THE South Lakes area is going to have wet weather until this evening, with some sunny spells tomorrow. 

Rain is going to continue until 8.00 pm this evening, and there will be some more rain in the early hours of Sunday morning. However, there will be some sunny spells between 9.00 am and 12.00 noon on Sunday. Temperatures are going to start dipping on Sunday night, with some showers potentially creating icy conditions. 

Here is an hour-by-hour forecast for the rest of this weekend: 

1.00 pm: 6C

2.00 pm: 6C

3.00 pm: 5C 

4.00 pm: 5C

5.00 pm: 5C

6.00 pm: 5C 

7.00 pm: 4C

8.00 pm: 4C

9.00 pm: 4C

10.00 pm: 4C

11.00 pm: 4C

Midnight: 4C

1.00 am: 4C

2.00 am: 4C

3.00 am: 4C

4.00 am: 4C

5.00 am: 4C

6.00 am: 4C

7.00 am: 4C

8.00 am: 4C

9.00 am: 3C 

10.00 am: 4C

11.00 am: 5C

Noon: 5C

1.00 pm: 5C

2.00 pm: 5C

3.00 pm: 5C

4.00 pm: 4C

5.00 pm: 3C

6.00 pm: 2C

7.00 pm: 2C

8.00 pm: 2C

9.00 pm: 2C

10.00 pm: 2C

11.00 pm: 2C